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This is evident in the fact that BuddyPress and bbPress do not play nicely with it.They have gotten me out of some pretty sticky situations for a gal that had no web design experience when I started.In reality users could probably careless who developed what feature first as long as that developer can continue innovating and pushing the envelope.We show how to identify specific problems and what steps to take to fix them.Either: 1) child theme development time gets inflated or 2) child theme designs become far less creative.

The loop is used in WordPress themes to display a list of posts in a web page.The guy who is moving my website to a WP Blog has a Thesis developers deal, so I am getting Thesis.

Thesis bypasses the standard WordPress template system in favor of its own for creating custom templates.In this point of view Genesis has way more 3rd party support sites, than Thesis.

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This tutorial will show you how to create a template for a custom post type archive in Genesis Framework that includes an archive intro and custom fields.Thesis Tutorial: Multiple Custom Page Templates. Thesis Tutorial: Multiple Custom Page Templates.Ive never used an alternative Framework that sits on top of WordPress.I love both frameworks and their communities, definitely agree they are the top two options.Using our Thesis Header Widgets plugin, we show how to add a text widget to the header and style it, add a Thesis header image next to the widget, and how to use the Dynamic Content Gallery to rotate images in the header.

On the other hand, Genesis appears to have a wider support base, with CEO Brian, lead developer Nathan, Daisy, Rebecca, Charles, Sozo, Nick and other moderators all keeping things tidy and doing a better job of supporting not only the core Genesis framework itself, but all of the official child themes, all of the StudioPress classic themes as well as the general issues.Its really completely inexplicable for such an excellent framework to mess up something so simple.Genesis child themes get you something to start with, but Thesis gives you unmatched typography and a blank canvas with unlimited flexibility and scope for your creative juices to flow.The possibilities are numerous and primarily from the knowledge of.When you switch to another theme, you may or may not get that.Finally, Thesis 1.8 supports the WordPress child theme architecture, so you can now build out sites in whatever manner you prefer.The easiest way to get BP and Thesis working together is to install BP Template Pack, and edit the templates to conform to the Thesis header and HTML structure.

Learn how to create a custom home page that will display the first post from each category on your site.How many posts are retrieved is determined by the number of.

Learn how to manually create a development copy of your site on a subdomain to use for testing customization before editing the actual website.

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WordPress outsourcing by WP Agency is easy and efficient for your business, on time every time.I have been looking at Frugal and Headway as well as these 2 themes for my business.In as close to an unbiased test as possible, using the same setup as above, ignoring load results over 1 second, and running 100 tests for each theme under default settings here are the results.Learn how to customize the WordPress Next Post and Previous Post links.How to Use Bitnami and Netbeans to Create a Local Development Site.

I must admit, I really like the idea of just 1 style sheet instead of 3.

I do need to cut them a break here and say that being only 6 months old is a pretty big detriment in this regard.I think better documentation is in order to clear all this up.Modifying the query used by The Loop in Thesis, to use Custom Post.He talks about workflow, video length and shows examples of how he uses Camtasia, Power Point and Google Docs.To learn it all you need to do is study the HTML being output and understand where the Genesis hooks are, the online documentation helps you out with this.In this beginner series we take you on a tour of the Dashboard, show how to use the menu elements, and then explore how to use and change the dashboard widgets.By the way, one of the best new features of Genesis 1.8 is the improved inline documentation.The thing about Thesis that bothers me the most is all the hoops you have to jump through to do any customization from a development standpoint.Custom Front Page Loop that Displays One Post from Each Category.

Girlie was gracious enough to offer to go into my site to take a look. She did. Then after three weeks, she got Chris to look at it.Wonder Loops the WordPress Loop Generator. WordPress is a powerful Content Management system Thanks to its support for custom post types and custom fields.They also support seo options for custom taxonomy pages which is pretty slick.But since SEO is a bit of a mystery I try to think rationally in the sense that, though I could never create the algorithm, I can in fact use logic to create a list of things (over 200 some say) that make sense to go into the algorithm.

This is a special kind of menu that is made up of an image sprite in which each individual menu element has its own image, its own background hover color and current style.At the end of the day that makes for a more complete resource which was my aim.This was the exact resource I was looking for as I am running a Thesis site and am extremely impressed with and I had no choice but to wonder.DIY design takes many, many hours. (Web design is complicated for non pros).

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Learn how to add an image sprite for your social networking links.We have simple loops for example, page loop or single post loop where all this loop does is get the content of one post, displays that one post and comes to an end.

This seminar walks you through the process of troubleshooting a live site that has fundamental failures in part of the site.Post Formats allow you to customize the presentation of a post based on whether it is an image, video, gallery, etc.The two plugins used for the task allow you to make the matrix without using any CSS or HTML.Good thing cause I was about to purchase something less desirable.